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The Bushonics Movement

Bushonics Definition: Nonstandard English which features tangled syntax, mispronunciations, run-on sentences, misplaced modifiers and a wanton disregard for subject-verb agreement

Among the myriad of mistakes and travesties caused by GW Bush and Company, stupidity and illiteracy will be the lasting legacy of the Bush Era.

It's not just the fact that Bush never learned to pronounce the word Nuclear (Nucular), it's that he never made the attempt because he doesn't know any better. When a leader exhibits a shortcoming on a daily basis, it becomes the electorate's responsibility to throw the bum out of office and to make sure that somebody with a higher intellectual ability replaces him. Unfortunately, an extremely high percentage of America's voters don't know the difference themselves.

America's cultural levels are in steep decline. Our media panders to the young, who seem primarily interested in social issues, such as celebrity worship and the latest activities in pop culture. They seem unaware of what is actually going on in the world. The causes behind this situation range from an inadequate education system, a media that focuses on the lowest denominator, cultural communities that don't know any better and parents that are not doing their job while raising their kids.

Slang and colloquialisms are fine when employed within a given community or cultural circle, but effective use of proper English is important in most other areas of life, particularly in professional situations. A person is quickly judged by their use of the language and judgments are made as to their level of intelligence, education and abilities. Particularly when applying for a job.

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