A Practical Political Policy for the People

  • Vote against all incumbent politicians (VAIP)
  • Set two-term limits for all political offices (with one exception)
  • Elect only Politicians who have served second terms to higher office
Why This Is Necessary
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There is no longer any doubt: the American political system is corrupt. We now know our country's government is corrupt at all levels, from local city governments all the way to the White House, and it has been corrupt for a very long time.

We are also learning that American business is thoroughly corrupt, with criminal activitity occuring at the very highest levels. Our stock markets are being manipulated and people are losing their life's savings while top executives are stealing incredible fortunes from corporations, running many companies into the ground and putting hundred of thousands of people out of work, in the process. And the businessmen and the politicians are in this together!

This is illegal. This is highly immoral. This is ruining America. And this is not the American Way.

What Can We Do? There have been many times in the history of man when government officials were either so corrupt or inept that the people were prompted to rise up and Throw the Bums Out of office. America now finds itself in that position. It is time to throw these greedy, self-serving, corrupt, criminals out of power and I don't just mean President Bush and his pack of backroom manipulators. I mean corrupt politicians at all levels.

The Vote Against Incumbent Politicians plan offers Americans a simple, easy-to-understand but effective approach to return America to Americans. It employs the American Constitution as a vehicle for justice. The right to vote gives citizens the ability to develop a government that is not only honest, but which serves the real needs of the people instead of special big-business interests. One that provides excellent education, job opportunities, health care for all of its citizens, and takes care of its elderly and unfortunate. This power exists with the people and they have only to learn to use it in an intelligent and effective manner.

The way the game of politics is currently played is deliberately confusing, but it is a relatively simple game. Early in a campaign political organizations will identify the push-button issues, the major causes that will receive the greatest support in the election, and then launch massive marketing programs showing their candidates supporting these issues.

This process has nothing to do with what the candidates are really like, what they really stand for or what they are likely to do once in office -- it is a mere a matter of marketing. Most people are misinformed and confused when it comes to voting. This makes them easy to manipulate with last-minute propaganda programs. They don't know the candidates, except for the formula political television commercials that we have all grown to abhore, and they are intelligent enough to not spend much of their time following the daily activities of politicians.

Unfortunately, many voters are inclined to vote for incumbent politicians. They are more likely to have heard of them and the other candidate is frequently unknown. Historically, the tendency is to re-elect politicians once they've been elected to office. This gives them an advantage in elections and little encouragement to actually work hard while they're in office. It also makes them free to deal with special interest groups rather than focus on the needs of the public.

The solution is simple. Just make sure you vote in every election. If you're not sure of the candidates qualifications, adptop the simple VAIP principle. Vote Against Iincumbent Politicians, because if you're not sure whether they're doing a good job or not there's a pretty good chance that they aren't.

Give someone else a chance. Then keep an eye on them. See if they're actually doing a good job, and whether they're visible enough for you to know they're working hard in the public interest. Let them know when they aren't and that you will be voting against them in the next election.